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The power of 1.5”


A 9” high hanging folder with top tab fits in a 10.5” drawer with no problem. It also saves 1.5” of vertical space.

A 5-high Of fice Specialty lateral with 10.5” drawers:

  • is only 3” higher than most conventional
  • 4-highs with 12” drawers
  • provides 25% more accessible filing in each cabinet
  • allows for 25% more filing or eliminates one of every 5 cabinets to save real estate

The right drawer for the job

With 10 drawer sizes and 4 lift-up door sizes, we can create the ideal storage for your needs.

Top drawer access & ADA height compliance

Office Specialty lateral filing cabinets offer unrivalled access and flexibility, especially important to those dealing with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines. Replace your lateral files containing 12” drawers with Office Specialty laterals made up of
10.5” drawers and you’ll not only increase your storage space but you’ll also increase the number of accessible drawers within reach, from 3 to 4 – a 33% improvement in accessibility.