Why Office Specialty

You spend a lot of time in the office, and we want to make sure you have the room to make it feel like your own space—comfortable and organized. Our approach to storage is all about encouraging the well-being of everyone in a workplace environment, with solutions built to minimize clutter and foster collaboration.

Power of 1 ½

When office space is at a premium, every inch counts. Our case heights come in 1 ½ inch increments, letting you scale your storage to maximize capacity without sacrificing real estate .

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Precisely crafted in North America, the exceptional quality of our products has been our focus for over 130 years. We are masters at metal work, dedicated to craftsmanship, and sourcing only the finest materials to create long-lasting pieces with one simple purpose in mind—to help you create a space that you’re most comfortable working in.

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Companies grow, offices move, and workspaces are always transforming. We believe your storage solution should be able to keep up. With our modular interiors and inserts, you can retrofit cabinets with new accessories as you need them.

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We want our clients to have the freedom to stay true to their design, especially if it’s something completely out of the box. Along with thousands of finish options—including paint, laminate and Nuform—our team can work directly with you to build something entirely unique to fit your plan.

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Crafted with care in North America.

It's our specialty

Our focus on quality doesn’t stop at our products–it’s built into how we care for our clients. Have a question or need help, please email or call us:

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