Quality Where it Counts

Jan 14, 2020

A true craftsman never skimps on quality. No concession can be made on materials or standards. Excellence is not fleeting or variable. It is earned and consistent.

For over 130 years, Office Specialty has been making premium storage cases, cabinets and lockers for customers who demand consistently high performance and quality in their office equipment. For over a century, we have learned what works and what stands the test of time.

No one has the time for drawers that fall out of alignment or cases that can’t handle the weight of a fully stocked cabinet. When choosing high-quality storage products for your office, here are some features to look for when considering the right partner:

  1. Seamless Welded Corners – At the junction of case top and sides, it is critical to have steel welded corners for ultimate strength and resilience on day 1 and day 5,000. Not only does this simply look more elegant and refined, but it provides the strongest possible construction method on the market.
  2. Smooth Drawer Slides – This is probably the most noticeable difference between high quality and cheap materials in a storage case. Office specialty cases move effortlessly over fully progressive “sequenced” ball-bearing suspensions, enabling smooth drawer action with minimal force.
  3. Extra Security – Office Specialty Secure File lateral files feature not one, but two Lock Bars on the sides of the cabinet for extra security for personal and valuable items.
  4. Reinforcement where it counts – 20 gauge cold rolled steel case tops and 18 gauge steel bottoms are reinforced to case uprights and rails to ensure integrity even when being moved.
  5. Safelock Technology – Our interlock system prevents the accidental opening of two or more drawers simultaneously.

At Office Specialty, we have been creating some of the highest quality storage products on the market for over 130 years. We have learned what works and stands the test of time in the most demanding environments. We value our customers and the work that they do. They don’t take the easy way out and neither will we.


David Gerson

Chief Brand Officer, Office Specialty