Every Inch Counts

Jan 14, 2020

Just like buying shoes, it is frustrating if you need a size 7 and there is only a 6 or an 8 available. You can probably make the 8 work, but it doesn’t feel right.

The amount of office space allocated per person is consistently being squeezed. Consequently, the amount of space being allocated for closed storage in the office is also being reduced to the absolute minimum. Finding the right combination of cabinet and drawer sizes is critical to maximizing the available square footage available and making sure there is space for everything.

At Office Specialty, we have been experts in storage for over 130 years. One thing we’ve learned is that drawer height and width matters a great deal.

A ½” can make a significant impact in the usable space inside a 4 or 5 high lateral cabinet. The industry-standard height increment is 2” while Office Specialty uses 1½”, instead. This little difference can make a big impact in the office.

Using a 5 high lateral with 10.5” drawers vs a 4 high lateral with 12” draws gives the user 25% more useable space in the same square footage and 20% real estate savings in almost the exact same case height. That’s 33 additional linear inches of storage on the exact same footprint!

Knowing that our cabinets, pedestals, and bookcases get used with a wide array of different brands of furniture, we’ve engineered over 42 different case heights, 10 drawer heights, and 4 lift-up drawer heights. This makes us the ideal storage solution for any project.

Not having enough space to store items can create a messy and stressful environment. If you purchase more storage than you need, then you are wasting resources that can be used for other valuable amenities. Making sure you have space for everything is a good strategy for an effective and efficient office environment.


David Gerson

Chief Brand Officer, Office Specialty