Store more, and do it in style, with 2Stor. With its round edges, effortless integration capabilities and fun customization options, 2Stor is the perfect solution for workspaces wanting value and versatility, and want to look good doing it.

2Stor is a product line that has the modern workplace in mind. From touchdown and assigned seating to transitional zones, it’s a simple system that meets the needs of all customers, and gives everyone a place to safely store their belongings.

2 Stor Caddy


Caddy combines style and function with its simplistic, modern design. The curved edges match our RockIt line perfectly or any design language out there. We’ve introduced smart new features such as a magnetic tray that can be easily removed and stored in a locker for safe keeping.

The Caddy’s open design allows for the storage of a wide variety of items such as shoes, bags or books, while it’s casters make it easily movable. Not only is this Caddy highly functional, it’s also incredibly stylish too. Combine any of our standard or accent colors to make the Caddy uniquely yours.

2 Stor Pedestal


Our 2Stor Pedestal offers both functional storage and style. It’s available with a lockable drawer with it open below or a second drawer, and can come with a cushion or soft landing felt top. Casters make this pedestal as user friendly as it is beautiful. It can come in any of 64 neutral paint colors plus it's also available in 32 accent paints. Add even more personality with a bright fabric cushion or go neutral.

Our Pedestal is designed to work with a variety of office styles and has exactly the right amount of storage for day to day needs. Utilizing our handle-less push button design, the pedestal is easy to clean.

2 Stor Mobile Storage

Mobile Storage

Need more storage than a Caddy or a Pedestal can offer? Don’t worry, our Mobile Storage can likely fill the need. With both open and secure storage on the same unit, Mobile Storage can keep all your personal items tucked away and hidden out of sight while still being easily accessible and beautiful. The push button door design is available in both painted metal or Nuform, opening right or left. And if that’s not enough for you, the PET soft landing is a place to keep your technology within reach and can also include an optional guest seating cushion to invite an impromptu chat.

Our 2Stor Mobile Storage unit is versatile and friendly and is designed to coordinate with a variety of office styles. Combine colors and textures on this practical unit to make it truly your own.

2 Stor Closed Locker


2Stor Lockers are a sleek and modern way to add modular storage to your work place. They’re available in many smart configurations ranging from complete open storage to 8 separate lockable doors. Doors are available in Nuform as well as painted metal to give you the freedom to add the color and textures you want to your space. Take customization one step further and add hooks, an accessory shelf or fixed shelves to help keep personal items organized.

Our 2Stor lockers can function as freestanding units, or grouped together to create stylish banks of storage or privacy walls. Form truly meets function when these units are combined with a worksurface on top to create a workbar or collaboration area. If that’s not enough, we also have a Waste & Recycle unit which integrates with the rest of the lockers to form a beautiful unit. We have all your storage needs covered with 2Stor Lockers.

2 Stor Accessories


2Stor Planters are a modern way to add vibrant bursts of greenery and personality. Available in 3 sizes, the small planter can be placed on top of furniture while the medium and large planters are freestanding. They can be painted in a single color, or two-color combination from a choice of 64 standard or 16 accent paints. Use our 2Stor Planters to create energy, space division, guide foot traffic and more.